listen up you kids, And hear what I say. Don't listen to your brain and follow your dreams. Don't take everything i say guaranteed, do it and check it out for yourself.
1:27 PM - 20 Jun 2019 ????

Let art influence you. art is everywhere in its own form. People spend 50 years on a job thinking that they're happy when they're not. don't let today's standards brainwash you because, you're the future kids.
1:26 PM - 20 Jun 2019????

Because when i die, I WANT YOU to do MORE than what i could've achieved. I WANT you to surpass me and make me happy by doing more than what i wish i did. FUCK what everyone says, you're you and they're not you so listen to your heart. I love you as always and keep on chasing.
1:34 PM - 20 Jun 2019 ????

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Dead_Boy_Drop Head Admin
Jul 3
Can't believe how talented you are and at such a young age. Really means something being your friend, its an honour.
Dead_Boy_Drop Head Admin
Mar 10

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