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For general talk and miscellaneous
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RDK · Sep 13 '19
In Is there an in-depth explanation about this site?
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Gaming discussion forum
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Console Gaming
A place to chill and chat console gaming
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Mobile gaming has a place too!
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PC Gaming
A place to talk all things "PCMR"
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CatkinFox · Jul 17 '19
In What are you playing?
IT Help!
Get community help with that darn IT issue!
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Furry Art
General discussion forum on furry art
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A place to recommend or advertise artists
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Feel free to talk everything conventions here!
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Midwest FurFest
The world's largest furry convention with an attendance of 10,989 in 2018. It is held annually in Rosemont, Illinois.
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A furry convention held each summer in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.
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Biggest Little Fur Con
Convention which takes place in Reno, Nevada, USA, and is run by Reno Area Anthropomorphic Arts and Recreations . It is the spiritual successor to PawFur.
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Furry Weekend Atlanta
Furry Weekend Atlanta, often abbreviated simply as FWA, is a regional furry convention held in Atlanta, Georgia.
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To Be Added
This list will be expanded on
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Site Support
Get help for community members with our site or get official responses from staff.
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Suggestion Box
Feel free to make suggestions about the site, what you would like to see added or improved!
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Tyulki · Oct 10 '19
In A few brief suggestions
Site News
Site archive of news, updates and features.
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Fifi · Jul 6 '19
In 06/07/19